Missing Outcome data in Psychiatric Trials & Meta-Analysis

Welcome to the companion website for our research project in missing data in mental health.

The aim of this website is to give an introduction to the widely known problem of missing data and in particular in the field of psychiatry. We focus on the problem of missing outcome data within the meta- analysis context and provide material on the main aspects of the problem together with an introduction to the proposed methodology for handling missing outcome data.

Missing participant outcome data can challenge the internal and external validity of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) as both precision (due to decreased sample size) and credibility (due to attrition bias). Subsequently, the impact of informative missing outcome data is carried through to meta-analyses. Containing trial results that are potentially subject to attrition bias, the robustness and credibility of the meta-analytical conclusions are affected. The impact of missing outcome data in meta-analysis is of particular importance in the field of psychiatry, where high drop-out rates are often observed due to the nature of the conditions and/or treatments studied.









The webpage was setup by Vasiliki Dimitrakopoulou, Loukia Spineli and Georgia Salanti